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Freelance & Ghost Writing

For more than a decade Weststar has been creating articles, newsletters, white papers and web site content that has drawn millions of readers. When it comes to business and web writing, we excel at creating customized articles and web content material tailored to customer needs.

Why should you consider outsourced writing?

Often great leaders, doers and thinkers don’t have the time to also be great writers, but their ideas and experiences can be of great value to their market and bring strong continuing visibility to themselves and their organizations. Weststar’s freelance and ghostwriting services can help you turn your ideas and experiences into compelling material that draws many potential customers to your website, magazines, books, newsletters, whitepapers and presentations.

Our writing makes you the recognized expert.

Our freelance writing services can help you no matter where you are in the process. So whether you have gone so far as to draft nearly completed material, or you just have some core ideas in your mind, we can take what you have and turn it into something that is very professional. Throughout the entire process, we are your writing and production partners. We work to take the load off of you, advising you how to best focus the material to maximize its value and in the end delivering material that marks you as THE expert in your field.

We create many types of engaging communications materials for authors, thought-leaders, and for marketing communications use. These include many communications formats and below are some of just a few examples.

  • Trade magazine and newsletter articles
  • White Papers and thought-leadership articles
  • Interviews with industry leaders, scientists, inventors and other prominent people.
  • Research and ghostwriting articles under your by-line for your newsletters, trade association magazines and other periodicals
  • SEO copywriting for website marketing material.
  • Co-writing, editing or ghostwriting books.
  • Preparing presentations for your trade show and conferences

Weststar Freelance Writing Services

We make the process very simple for you because we can provide you with a full range of freelance writing services, from generating the original core ideas all the way to publishing. You select the level of support you need. All you need to start is a core idea and a clear sense of the audience you want to reach and the value you want to deliver. We can do all the rest, or just a part of the process, the choice is yours.

Our complete portfolio of writing services includes:

  • Idea generation
  • Research
  • Content development strategy
  • Recruitment and conduct of interviews (where needed)
  • Drafting and editing
  • Optimizing for search engine visibility (where needed)
  • Delivery to your audience (where appropriate)
  • Seeking book publication or article magazine carriage

Weststar Freelance and Publishing Experience

We’ve worked with many names you will recognize and have drawn large readerships, as well as citations and accolades from well-known authors and periodicals, such as Business Week, Forbes, Fortune and The McKinsey Management Quarterly magazines.

Perhaps you would enjoy reading some examples of our work.

•            Creating Great New Products: an Interview with Steve Wozniak, Inventor of the Personal Computer and Co-founder of Apple Computer. We recruited, conducted and wrote this interview article for use in one of our clients marketing communications programs. You can read a partial sample here.

•            Herb Kelleher, Executive Chairman of Southwest Airlines Talks about Building Leaders and how their Innovative People-culture has Lifted the Airline to Success. We recruited, conducted and wrote this interview article for use in one of our clients marketing communications programs. You can read the full article here.

•            Walt Disney: From Imagineer to Innovator to Building an Entertainment Giant. The story of how Disney overcame many setbacks to turn innovative ideas into successful products that built his company. This article was a custom assignment where we researched the subject and wrote the resulting article for our clients use. You can read a partial sample here.

These are just some well-known examples of our work. We can create compelling content like this for your website, e-newsletters, promotions and other applications.

Call us today at 401-334-0009 if you’d like to discuss how we can help you create effective content for your digital communications.

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