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Content Development

Internet users are universally looking for valuable information that helps them stay informed, gain helpful insights, identify solutions and options and make better decisions. This information is called content and it’s this content that determines whether people find you, where search engines rank your page and the level of connection and trust you create with your target internet market. At the core of good web marketing is the concept that reaching customers is a trade, where prospects give you there attention in return for valuable information. Because of this, winning on the web means that each of your pages, offers and communications should always deliver real value to the audience beyond just a sales message.

Made-for-Marketing Content

Here at Weststar we put more than a decade of digital experience to work for customers creating compelling content that weaves your product concepts right into the meaning of great stories. These articles are then used in newsletters, on websites and in promotional and other materials, bringing your ideas and products to life. Reader often react by saying: “I wish I had known that a month ago”. This value-added approach to communications opens the door to customers and often reaches an even wider market because your audience will refer these materials to their friends. We call this Made-for-Marketing content because it highlights the real value of your products in a way that also serves the customers need for new ideas and solutions, making your communications a welcomed addition to their regular flow of information, and also helping your pages rank higher in most search engine results.

We create a wide range of material to produce this benefit for our clients and you can review a list of just a few of the types of material we have developed below. Please note that all of these content types can be crafted for use on web pages, in newsletters, promotions, e-mail marketing and other applications

  • Interviews with nationally known inventors, innovators and leaders.
  • Interviews with leading industry executives.
  • Interviews with people involved in significant events.
  • Success stories recounting the achievements of noteworthy athletes, scientists, and business leaders.
  • OpEd and commentaries on business and scientific trends and events.
  • “How to” articles educating customers on best practices, skill development and the newest products.
  • Industry and consumer surveys

Some Examples of our Content

Working for many customers we have created some of the web’s most popular articles, appearing regularly on page one of relevant search engine results and drawing hundreds of thousands of readers. These articles and other materials have been cited in many publications, such as Business Week, Forbes, Fortune and The McKinsey Management Quarterly magazines. Examples of some of our custom articles and materials would include:

  • Creating Great New Products: an Interview with Steve Wozniak, Inventor of the Personal Computer and Co-founder of Apple Computer. We recruited, conducted and wrote this interview article for use in one of our clients marketing communications programs. You can read a partial sample here.
  • Herb Kelleher, Executive Chairman of Southwest Airlines Talks about Building Leaders and how their Innovative People-culture has Lifted the Airline to Success. We recruited, conducted and wrote this interview article for use in one of our clients marketing communications programs. You can read the full article here.
  • Walt Disney: From Imagineer to Innovator to Building an Entertainment Giant. The story of how Disney overcame many setbacks to turn innovative ideas into successful products that built his company. This article was a custom assignment where we researched the subject and wrote the resulting article for our clients use. You can read a partial sample here.

These are just some well-known examples of our work. We can create compelling content like this for your website, e-newsletters, promotions and other applications.

Call us today at 401-334-0009 if you’d like to discuss how we can help you create effective content for your digital communications.

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