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The process of regularly creating and delivering compelling and valuable information for your customers, subscribers and stakeholders can be intensive and may not fit the daily capability of some organizations, who nonetheless have a strong interest in serving their markets with quality communications offering the latest thinking, news, advice, marketing information and sales offers, and much more.

For these customers Weststar provides a full set of publishing services allowing them to set content and delivery plans, while outsourcing the publication process, including writing of articles, creation of imagery, delivery, database management, analytics and related management processes for fully customized digital newsletters, e-magazines and other periodic marketing communications.

Our publishing service has been used by customers for many applications, including:

  • Newsletters
  • Sales promotions for new products and other special promotions.
  • Campaigns
  • Soft-lead generation
  • Surveys and feedback
  • Event promotion
  • Subscription and list creation
  • Supplier support
  • Employee services: HR, staff support, Company announcements
  • Knowledge management
  • Collaboration

These applications can be provided with full support from Westststar for design, messaging, content and delivery. Or customers can pick a level of support where they create their newsletter content and we format, deliver and monitor. Clients can also use our email delivery system which allows them to delivery 1 or several million messages in near-real time with control over the delivery time and full trackability of results.

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Writing & Content Development

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