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What can search optimizing do for you?

Search engines are a marketers dream, they are always on and they reach buyers at the moment of their interest. They provide real-time information on what message is working and they are a very low cost tool. In comparison, traditional marketing programs seem to work like big game fishing, where you spend a lot of time and money trolling through an area hoping your bait (your message) is seen by the right fish at the right time. Search engine marketing reverses this, putting you in front of the right people exactly when they are looking for your solution. For this reason, every business wants to be found on page one of Google, Yahoo and MSN. But getting on page one is not a one-time process and doing search optimization (SEO) well is not easy. It requires regular work to stay fresh, stay relevant and adapt to changes made by the search engines and by competitors.

Getting found on the internet, or how you must first serve the search engines.

People that use search engines are looking for information that helps them be informed, identify solutions and make decisions. But before you can be seen by anyone, you have to understand how search engines work and how best to serve their interest. Putting it simply, the search engine wants to show the web pages that most closely match the likely interest of the searcher. To make this judgment it evaluates your page based on a long list of ranking factors (Google considers almost 100 variables). Because the search engine decides whether you are seen, where you are seen and what information is presented about you, in a very real sense the search engine is your web sites first and most important customer. This may sound contrary to accepted marketing wisdom, but if the search engines software is not satisfied that you fit their customers inquiry, then you don’t appear on page one of the result. They call this “Relevancy” and it has become one of the most powerful drivers of natural search engine results.

So if Google, Yahoo, or MSN are your web customers, what do you need to do to satisfy them and appear on page one of a search result? The answer is that you need a balanced approach that mixes what the search engine needs to see with the marketing message you want to deliver to your prospects.

How can you serve both the search engine and the customer? That’s where we come in. Our job is to craft pages, messages and architecture that score well with the search engines and naturally draw the right people through words that relate to your products and services.

Weststar SEO services

The aim of our SEO services is to improve the effectiveness of your marketing so you can stop spending resources trying to catch a fish and instead use your website material to automatically draw the right customers everyday. We offer a variety of packages to help you do this in a way that can be customized to fit your exact need.

SEO Review and Recommendation Service.

Are you seeking new ideas and strategies to improve the visibility of your website? We’ll put our experience covering millions of search users to work for you to build a very practical plan to enhance your internet visibility. As part of our work we’ll identify how many competitors are appearing under your primary key words and where they rank on key search ranking metrics. We’ll then provide you with detailed recommendations (including real-world examples) on how you can modify or add to your website in a way that improves your search visibility.

Monthly SEO Management Service

For organizations that have complex product lines serving multiple markets and/or have high requirements for consistent visibility we can provide our continuous SEO management services. Our work here begins with regularly monitoring the visibility of you and your competitors on key search engines, identifying and evaluating the search words that generate visibility for you and your competitors. We also analyze the importance and value of specific search words and evaluate the relevancy of your pages to key customer-used words. Based on our findings we regularly update your page text to remain fresh and valuable, and suggest further changes and materials to build your placement in the search engines.

Website SEO Tune-up Service.

Some customers have been managing their own web marketing presence, but are unsure if they are getting the most from this important doorway to the market. They’re internal people don’t always have the time to handle everything and would like added expertise to improve their visibility on the search engines. Our SEO tune-up service will provide a one-time review to whatever depth you choose. We will identify beneficial changes in your website structure and message to insure you are reaching the right people with the right message and that your website is easy to use, allowing people to quickly find relevant products and information in a way that leads to inquiries and orders.

Specialty Search Optimization.

In some instances an organization needs optimization to support a specific project rather than a website. We’ve seen this with product launches and promotions, events, marketing for very narrow target markets, and other similar activities. We can put together a customized optimization program tailored to your project and its calendar.

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