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Search Advertising Tune Ups

Better Search Advertising Results – Fast and at Low Cost

Are you running your own search engine advertising campaigns and looking to improve the results, but don’t want to engage in a long-term contract with someone to manage your program?

We can give your search advertising campaigns a powerful tune-up

Our Search Ad Tune-up service will increase the effectiveness of your search advertising by improving the text ads seen by prospects, refining the words selected to trigger your ads, while also working to reduce the average cost per click, improve the effectiveness of the pages that are served by your ads, and more.

Because customers interact with search ads everyday they create a constant stream of information that tells you a great deal about what they are interested in, what they respond to and which of your offers and support material is working best. Search advertising is consequently an on-going process of new ideas, evaluation and continuous improvements. Our service takes this into account by providing you with an on-going effort for sixty-ninety days.

We’ve been creating and managing internet marketing programs since 1996 and PPC search advertising since 2003. In that time our marketing materials have been clicked on by millions using Google, Yahoo and MSN. Among the many customers we have worked with include financial and educational institutions, providers of travel and hospitality services, consumer, craft and sporting goods and services, and business-to-business products and services.

What We Deliver

1. Improving Your Search Keyword Portfolio.

We’ll find words and phrases that your competitors haven’t thought of and also find words that your prospects use to find other products that relate to yours.

2. Improve Your Text Ads.

The ads you use can be customized to appear only with specific search word combinations. We can identify the most important words for your business and create ads that work best with them. In this way you can be sure the ads being shown are exactly tailored to the things that are triggering prospect interests.

3. Reduce the Average Cost of your Clicks.

The cost of your clicks is driven by more than just the prices bid by competitors. It is also affected by the words you bid on, the popularity of your ads and the relevancy ranking of your pages. By running periodic campaign themes your ads can use different search words and avoid competitors. We can also reduce your click-through costs by helping you improve the relevancy of your pages. You’ll read more about this under the paragraph on improving ad ranking below.

4. Improve Ad Ranking

The page that your ads lead to is reviewed by the search engine software to determine its value to their user. If you can deliver more value than just a buy-me pitch, your rank often will go up and your click-through rate can decline. Our marketing materials have often been ranked so well by Google that they appear on page one of the search results. We can show you how to improve your page value and raise your rank, while dropping your costs.

5. Create Trackable Results

We’ll help you create trackable results to identify which words and ads perform best for you.

6. New Ideas for Regular and Special Campaigns

Creating regular changes in your campaigns helps you reach customers in fresh ways. Using new campaign themes focused on the different ways that customers use your products, new product launches, or new promotions involving seasonal offers or special combinations will separate you from your competitors.

What will it cost?

Our tune-up starts at $895 for accounts having up to two campaigns to be served. For larger or more complex campaigns the cost will depend on the number of campaigns you are running, their size, complexity and the service level required.

Other Service Options Available

1. Improving your Tracking and Management Information

We can help you add Google Analytics to your web pages and begin tracking and reporting to improve the quality of information you have about the results of your campaigns. We can also show you how to use this valuable tool to improve your other marketing materials and sales approaches.

2. Analyzing your Traffic for Improvements

Most companies are busy each day serving their customers with little time for detailed statistical work. We can take this load off your desk and apply our thirteen years of web experience to look deep into your website and ad statistics and reveal what really draws customer interest, what draws customer referrals, what drives customer loyalty, what sales approaches work best, what new products or services they may be interested in and much more.

3. Analyzing your Web Pages for Improvements

The page that a prospect first sees when they click on your ads has four to seven seconds to answer the client’s question: “What’s in it for me?” That means you have to make sure the words and imagery are targeted right at the specific interest of that prospect or you quickly loose them. By analyzing your web traffic, products and services and the cycle of your customers purchasing patterns we can identify specific ways to improve the effectiveness of your web pages without redesigning your site.

4. Search Optimization

Being found on the left side of the search page among the ads gives you a chance for prospects to see you, but also being found in the natural search results (the center space of the search page) gives you two chances to be found and magnifies your importance to buyers. We can help you optimize the components of your pages in a way that increases the likelihood that you will be found high in the search results.

Call us at 401-334-0009, or click on the CONTACT LINK here or below and send us a note describing your needs and we’ll get back to you within a day to discuss a solution that exactly fits your business and your budget.

Learning More About Search Advertising

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