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Maximizing Results for your Pay Per Click Search Advertising Campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising from Google, Yahoo, MSN and others delivers a very cost effective way for medium-sized companies to reach regional or national markets with trackable results. Weststar offers a variety of customizable service packages to help you maximize the results you produce from your search ad marketing programs. We’ve designed these programs to allow you to choose just the right amount of support needed to build and sustain your success.

If you need help from the very start, setting up campaign structures, deciding budgets, selecting words and creating ads, we can do it. Or we can manage existing programs, optimizing them on a continual basis. Perhaps you just want a professional review and tune-up for your programs, or maybe you have a new product or promotion you want to launch. Regardless of the approach you need, we have the ability to customize a solution that fits your requirements.

Below we’ve highlighted the features of our most commonly used search ad programs.

Search Ad Services

  • Basic Search Ad Service – As part of the Basic Service package we with monitoring, testing and optimizing for your search ad campaigns twice per month; reviewing analyzing and optimizing your search words, text ads and bid prices. He results of your ads will be reported to you every two months, at which time we will also talk with you about recommendations for new campaign ideas, improvements to landing pages and other tactics to maximize the results on your marketing investment. Pricing here starts at several hundred dollars per month and is based on the size and complexity of your company’s campaigns. For first time clients we offer a no risk trial, with the first month’s service free.
  • Master Search Ad Service – Our Master Service provides a complete set of continuous monitoring, testing and optimizing for your search ad campaigns. For a single fixed fee we manage your search words, text ads and bid prices, as well as analyzing and reporting on traffic. We also regularly talk with you about recommendations for new campaign ideas, improvements to landing pages and other tactics to maximize the results on your marketing investment. Pricing here starts at $500-1,000.00 per month and is based on the size and complexity of your company’s campaigns. For first time clients we offer a no risk trial, with the first two month’s service free.
  • Start-up Ad Service – If you’ve never had a search ad campaign and want to see results without the long wait and extra effort required when done internally, we can get you running in a matter of days with a campaign aimed right at your target market. Along with this setup we will be monitoring and analyzing your results to determine what’s working and what can be done to magnify your results. An assignment like this may last two – twelve weeks and is priced based on length, the number of campaigns, regions, products and reporting required.
  • Search Ad Tune-up Service – For customers that usually prefer to manage their own campaigns, but who may be looking for ways to improve their results without long-term contracts, we provide a two-three month service that will tune-up the structure, search words, text ads and bid pricing of your existing ad programs. To learn more about this service please go to our Search Ad Tune-up Page
  • Search Analysis and Strategy – Can your search ad efforts benefit from an experienced independent review? We can evaluate whether your reaching the right market, identify how much of the market you may be missing, identify way to reduce your cost per click, suggest new tactics for improving your click through and conversion rate, and generate ideas for more effective campaign themes, to mention just a few. Regardless of whether you’re just starting to plan your first search campaign, or have been running campaigns for a while, we can get you on the right road quickly.

Common Components of Search Ad Management Programs

Search ad management involves a variety of functions for setting up and operating a search campaign. We’ve described the most important components below. All of these services are available in our various service packages, but the exact mix, depth and frequency will vary based on your needs.

Campaign Structure. Good campaigns are about reaching the right people at the right time. How a company’s various campaigns are structured will significantly affect when and how the search engine will show your ads and the type of prospect that sees them. In each of our search ad campaigns we create multiple market themes specifically focused on the best features of the service or product you deliver. This approach reaches your best prospects and generates valuable comparative information that tells you what your market responds to best.

Search Word Selections. We’ll employ our proprietary search word recommendation tool to examine more than 300 million recent search inquiries to identify the words and phrases that will produce the best results for your business.

Create Text Ads. Over the last dozen years we have accumulated the results of millions of customer interactions and we’ll use that knowledge to create engaging ad themes to draw the right type of customer to your offers. Each month we review your ad results and ad new themes to keep your campaigns fresh and relevant.

Bid Price Management for Words and Phrases. Each set of words has its own price based on what your competitors are bidding. Our service will set your prices at the most effective rate to achieve good rankings and draw traffic from those words that draw the most conversions.

Create Promotional Landing Pages. The search engine ad is intended to draw people to your site and gain inquiries and orders, but search engine users are looking for something specifically focused on their point of interest and often home or product pages are too general and fail to present what that customer was looking for. We can create landing pages tailored to your offer and customer interests, presenting your product or service as the solution for the specific need of that search engine user.

Managing Content Relevancy. Where your ads appear in the ad rank and what they cost depends a great deal on how closely they fit the point of interest implied in the key words used by the searcher. This concept of relevancy has become critical to success with all search engine marketing and we continually monitor your ads and your relate website pages to insure your content scores well.

Benchmarking Competitors. Your competitors are always looking for an advantage and its important to watch what they are doing, so we monitor their campaign themes and the search words they are relying on.

Tracking, Analysis, Reporting and Management. We continuously watch your campaign results to identify which words are working; which ads are driving traffic; which landing pages produce the best results, and which prices need to be changed? The internet is dynamic and we’ll continuously monitor your results and suggest new words, phrases and improvements to ads to maximize your results.

Call us at 401-334-0009, or click on the CONTACT LINK here or below and send us a note describing your needs and we’ll get back to you within a day to discuss a solution that exactly fits your business and your budget.

Let Weststar put its dozen years of internet marketing experience to work for you and you can go back to running your business while we make sure your ads are working for you.

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