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Internet marketing stands out among communication tools because of the range of vehicles available to deliver your message, ranging from emails, newsletters, search advertising, sponsorships, blogs, webinars and more. It also is unique because unlike other marketing vehicles, it is trackable in real time and can be changed on-the-fly for improvements based on analysis of these real time results.

The typical person in America is exposed to 2,000 marketing messages each day. To survive this enslaught we have all built a high wall around our attention to block out messages that have no value in our lives. Getting over these barriers to gain the attention of prospects is a matter of delivering value in every communication. Whether that’s how-to information in a newsletter for current customers, or longer PDF’s on your website, every marketing message you deliver must also deliver something of value to the customer. We call this value-added marketing and we incorporate this concept of customer value in everything we do.

You can see this at work in our newsletters, search advertising, blogs, pdf’s, website content development and more. The value we’ve delivered through our customers communications has been noticed by many well known organizations, earning a best of the web ranking from Forbes magazine six years in a row for one of our clients. These materials have drawn millions of prospects, and they continue drawing customers for years after their release.

Whether its search optimization, newsletters, search ads, blogs or email marketing, our value-added approach, combined with deep industry knowledge can significantly improve the visibility of your company and products on the web, open doors to new prospects and deepen relations with existing clients.

We offer a range of services, from search ad campaign management, to newsletters, web optimization, articles & white papers and other creative development, email delivery and analytics. Each of our services can be delivered as full or part services to fit your needs. Below is a brief summary of our service line.

  • Search Advertising Management – Whether you’re just starting out, or have been running your own search ad campaigns for years, we can improve your results, the trackability of your programs and create valuable learning from your search results that will improve even your traditional marketing and sales efforts. We’ll do all this in a way that fits you exactly. We don’t try to takeover your entire marketing program, nor do we insist that you rebuild your entire website. Instead we’ll find a way for you to get more out of what you already have. Click here to learn more about our Search advertising management programs.
  • Search Advertising Tune-up Services – Change is constant on the internet and in marketing. Your competitors are frequently changing their tactics, each looking for an advantage by changing their search ad campaigns, promotional themes, bid pricing and more. And Google’s ad software is often changing as well. Like many tools, your ad programs will benefit from periodic sharpening, or as we say . . a tune-up. We can improve your results by updating your campaign structure, ad themes, word portfolios, and bid pricing; all without any long-term contract. Click here to learn more about our Search Ad Tune-ups
  • E-mail Newsletters - If you’re looking for a customer-friendly way to maintain regular visibility with your clients, while building marketing value, there is no better way than through an e-newsletter. Whether you want a full service approach that relieves you of the burden to produce and deliver a newsletter, help creating newsletter material, or advice on how to create and improve your newsletters, we have a solution for you. Click over to our Newsletter Service page to learn more about putting newsletters to work for you.
  • Website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Search optimization is a constant source of frustration for everyone that presents their business on the internet. Put simply, SEO is the art of getting found by the people that matter to your business. Although there are many elements to good SEO, people use the web to find information, answers, solutions and options, so content is king on the net. Weststar managed websites and it’s content has drawn millions of highly targeted people over the last dozen years. Click over to our Search Optimization page to begin learning how we can do the same for your business.
  • Content Development (articles, white papers and more) – Internet users are universally looking for information that helps them stay informed, gain helpful insights, identify solutions and options and make better decisions. Because of this, getting found, standing out and being successful require that your website and other communications must always deliver usable customer value beyond just a sales message. But creating great communications that gain visibility and market acceptance always begins with finding engaging ways to make your product and the ideas behind it interesting and relevant to the market. That’s our job. Click here to learn more about our Content and Writing services
  • Internet Market Research – We are continually collecting information from the millions of audience interactions we see each year and compile these into our own database to advise our client’s on their marketing and publishing decisions. This database can be tuned to help answer questions about your target market and business decisions. We can research and prepare reports for you identifying the number of your competitors running search ad campaigns, who those competitors are, their ads and campaign themes, the key words they use most, the highest volume keywords used by your target market, the highest cost per click for each word, and more. Some customers like to see these reports each month, others like to use the data to set-up their own campaigns and conduct periodic evaluations. Call us and we’ll put together an affordable package tailored to your needs.

Other Services

We do provide a range of other services and will be updating our pages on these shortly.

  • Marketing Support Tools – Marketing sites, landing pages, customer-informed market research
  • Special Situations – New product launches, promotions and seasonal marketing.
  • Internet Strategy Development -
  • Assessments and Recommendations -

Some of our other services include e-mail promotions, e-mail delivery, and campaign analytics.

Call us at 401-334-0009, or click on the CONTACT LINK here or below and send us a note describing your needs. We’ll get back to you within a day to discuss a solution that exactly fits your business and your budget.

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