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At the heart of all great products and services is an idea, an idea on how to best serve a customer. But great ideas aren’t born with built-in acceptance, that acceptance has to be gained by building visibility, credibility and connection with your market. Doing this is a matter of bringing your message and your product experience to life in a way that moves a prospect from awareness, to interest, to belief and finally to action. That’s our job at Weststar.

In the last five years our newsletters and articles have been read by several million people. In fact, you’ve probably already read some of our material and just didn’t know who created it. We’ve written and delivered materials for many well-known organizations, such as the History Channel, National Geographics, Olympic sports, articles and interviews with noteworthy inventors and business innovators for colleges like Dartmouth, Northwestern, Columbia and more.

We create these materials for use in many forms, but the most popular use is in email newsletters. Newsletters delivered through the internet are a very effective way to provide timely information to various customer, marketing, staff, operations and allied audiences. Our full service and flexible approach allows customers to succeed with many different uses, without adding to their own daily workload. Weststar can create and deliver communications with any mix of text, images, and animation, each customized for the message theme and target audience.

Customers can choose one of our packages, or a customized approach, tailored to your exact needs.

E-Mail Newsletter Service packages

  • Full Service Newsletter Package – For customers who want a newsletter, but don’t want to draw their own staff away from other important work, we offer a turn-key newsletter service that performs all of the publishing duties needed to create and deliver a world-class newsletter or e-magazine. We evaluate and monitor your market for topical subjects, plan, research and write articles, recruit interviews, set-up and maintain your delivery database and its related subscribe/unsubscribe functions, design the newsletter layout, format and preview all deliveries, deliver the newsletter, track and analyze results and recommend improvements.
  • Content Development Only – Our content-only service allows you to rely on our award winning research and writing capability to craft stories for your newsletters that engage your audience in a way that highlights the need and value of your products. These stories may include: interviews with your people or key industry luminaries, customer success stories, how-to articles and other similar material that delivers real value to your audience. In this way we do the heavy lifting to create the content, while you still deliver and track the newsletter.
  • Delivery & Analytics – Where a customer has the capability to produce a continuing stream of newsletter content, they sometimes prefer to have an experienced hand to deliver their newsletters and track and analyze the results. From the millions of reader interactions we’ve seen we can often pull important meaning from a customer’s newsletter traffic and results. The learning points drawn for this analysis will often help improve not only your newsletter results, but also your entire website and other marcom efforts.
  • Publishing Planning & Strategy – If you are just starting out we can work with you with a variety of the typical newsletter publishing problems. These include help identify what topics your target market will be interested in, creating a content development plan for the material you’ll be carrying, plus defining a process that will help you regularly produce the material you’ll be needing, creating a promotional plan for the marketing elements to be carried in your newsletter, creating subscribe and unsubscribe functions and forms, designing your newsletter and much more. We’ve been producing and publishing internet content since the mid-90’s, we know the problems you will face and can help you make your newsletter a success.

If you’re not just starting out, and instead have been producing your own newsletter for some time, you may want to hear the ideas and suggestions of people who have delivered newsletters to millions of people. We’re hear to help.

Weststar’s E-newsletter services can be used for any type of digital communication such as customer information, promotion, news, plans and programs that support your sales staff and channel partners, customer and after-market support, PR applications, and much more. Our efforts however are offered for use only with material delivered to house lists, not for unsolicited mass-mail applications.

Coming Soon
In a few weeks we’ll have a new edition of our newsletter out and it will provide a detailed look at the marketing advantages to be gained through the use of e-newsletters. Stop back again this month, or click contact below and drop us a note with the word newsletter and be sure to add your email address to the text. We’ll send the article out to you as soon as it’s done.

Call us at 401-334-0009, or click on the CONTACT LINK here or below and send us a note describing your needs and we’ll get back to you within a day to discuss a solution that exactly fits your business and your budget.

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